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HOT BEVERAGES MAKE FOR A HAPPY WORK DAY - Thermos® uncovers that hot matters for a pleasurable commute, better mood and increased work productivity

TORONTO, ONTARIO (Mar.-10-11) –

The leading worldwide manufacturer of insulated food and beverage containers, Thermos®, has conducted a survey examining some of the benefits to consuming a hot beverage and its impact on the work day. According to the survey, conducted by Confirmit, a hot beverage in the morning not only contributes to a more pleasurable commute to work (47% of respondents), but may also increase work productivity (24%).

As highlighted in the Hot Matters survey:

  • Coffee is the most popular hot drink consumed using a travel mug, said 71% of respondents
  • 43% of respondents indicated that a hot beverage “puts me in a better mood at work”
  • 38% of respondents must have a hot beverage every morning to get through their commutes
  • Almost 10% of respondents turn around if they forget their hot beverage at home during their commute

The Hot Matters survey also showed that more than 40% of participants experience a commute lasting more than thirty minutes. For commutes such as these, Thermos® Brand insulated bottles feature a vacuum insulated technology that keep beverages hot for up to five hours and cold for up to nine. Using a Thermos® brand bottle is a great way to keep commuters warm and happy on the go and makes for an economical and efficient transition to the start of a work day.

“A morning or mid-day pick-me-up is a great way to keep you going,” said Barbara Bluteau-Zetchus, Director of Marketing at Canadian Thermos Products Inc. “Our line of vacuum insulated bottles is a sleek way to prevent spills at the office or on the go while staying warm in the winter.”

The Hot Matters study group incorporated 196 Canadians.

About Thermos

Since 1904, Thermos has provided unique solutions for keeping food and beverages hot, cold and fresh. Today, Thermos is a global manufacturer of an expanding range of innovative portable food and beverage containers that provide a more comfortable, enjoyable eating and drinking experience for people on the go. Hot Matters™. Cold Matters™. It Matters™. For more information, please visit

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BPA Free Why it matters

Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a controversial chemical that can be found in the lining of food cans, certain water bottles and more. Some researchers have linked the hormone-mimicking chemical to a host of issues including behavioral and developmental effects in kids. Thermos plays it safe, and has made a commitment to only manufacture products that are BPA-free.