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Are you getting enough?
TORONTO, ON (March 1, 2010) – . . . liquids that is. Many Canadians are not consuming enough, thanks in large part to several myths and misconceptions attached to hydration.

“Many people still cling to dated hydration beliefs and practices and are not adequately quenching their body’s hydration needs,” says Cara Rosenbloom, a registered dietitian based in Toronto. “Building a strong foundation of good health includes ensuring that you have the right amount of fluids each day.”

Rosenbloom says that keeping your body properly hydrated is essential in maintaining good health. Fluid plays a key role in the human body. Being properly hydrated, especially from drinking water, helps flush waste products from the body, carry nutrients to cells and flush toxins out of vital organs. Being properly hydrated may also help with weight control. For many people, thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so they eat excess calories when they really just needed a drink of water.

One of the simplest ways to ensure you are getting enough liquids is to carry a reusable hydration bottle. Thermos® knows the important role hydration plays in staying healthy and fit. In an effort to continue providing innovative reusable products, the company has launched two new lines of hydration bottles – Intak™ and ROHO™.

“We wanted to provide consumers with an eco-friendly, BPA-free and stylish product that they can trust and use to ensure they are drinking enough liquids,” says Barbara Bluteau-Zetchus, director of marketing, Canadian Thermos Products Inc. “The rotating meter on our new Intak™ bottles make it quick and simple to keep track of how much you are consuming, and the designs featured on our ROHO™ bottles will fit everyone’s thirst for a fashionable accessory.”

To ensure you are getting enough, make sure you don’t fall for some of these hydration myths:

MYTH 1: Water is the only liquid that hydrates the body

FACT: “All beverages and many foods provide hydration,” Rosenbloom says. “The average female adult should get about 2.7L (10 cups) of fluid each day from a combination of food and drink. From soup to tea to water to milk, all beverages contain fluids that help keep the body hydrated and about 20 per cent of our fluids come from the foods we eat.”

TIP: Have a hydration bottle constantly available so you can sip from it throughout the day and refill it as needed. “A lot of people are constantly on the go so having a reusable bottle you can refill periodically is a great solution and a great way to increase fluid intake,” Bluteau-Zetchus says.

MYTH 2: Everyone needs at least eight glasses of water each day to stay properly hydrated

FACT: “The amount of fluid a person should consume on a daily basis to stay hydrated depends on different variables, including age, gender, weight, height and activity level,” Rosenbloom says. “Of course, when exercising or exerting more energy through physical activitiy, extra fluid will be required to compensate for fluid lost through perspiration.”

TIP: On average, male adults need about 3.7L (14 cups) and female adults need about 2.7L (10 cups) of fluids each day to stay adequately hydrated – these values also include water consumed through food we eat. Here are some ways you can check to see if you are drinking enough fluids:

  • See if the skin on the back of your hand bounces back after it has been pinched up. If your body has enough fluids flowing through it, your skin will be able to return back to its original shape immediately. Dehydration causes poor skin elasticity, resulting in skin that doesn’t bounce back
  • The colour of your urine should be clear or pale yellow. If it isn’t, that’s a good sign that you need to grab a drink
  • Are you tired, irritable, have a dry or sticky mouth and don’t know why? You probably need to fuel your body with some fluids

MYTH 3: Keeping hydrated is only important in the summer or when you are working out.

FACT: “Staying hydrated is imporant all year-round,” Rosenbloom says. “While it is true that more fluids should be consumed when you sweat, physical activities in the summer or winter can both cause sweat loss and will require proper hydration. You always need to be mindful of whether or not you are getting enough fluids into your system no matter what season it is.”

TIP: If you have not been consuming enough fluids, your thirst trigger will eventually diminish. To regain your thirst alert, drink a glass of water first thing in the morning – before you even brush your teeth – and keep a reusable bottle with you so can ensure hydration all day long.

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Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a controversial chemical that can be found in the lining of food cans, certain water bottles and more. Some researchers have linked the hormone-mimicking chemical to a host of issues including behavioral and developmental effects in kids. Thermos plays it safe, and has made a commitment to only manufacture products that are BPA-free.